Phone Tracker App

Phone Tracker App

If you have lost your phone, you may have many questions running in your mind. How you can find your lost phone without having any external application? Does IMEI number will really help me to get my phone back? Or its better I leave the hope after losing it and buy new one?

If you are not sure, if IMEI numbers can be of help; Yes, it is going to help you when you lose your phone. You can know your IMEI number by dialing *#06#. This number is very important, so you got to note this out and save your IMEI number. This is the unique ID every phone will be having for its identification. It’s a 15-digit id allotted to all GSM phones this give you security feature. Using this, you can track your lost phone. However, you may need to take the help of your service provide or local police and they will help you find the location. Soon after you find the location, just block it so that person who have the phone will not be able to use your phone.

There are website offering phone tracking service through private satellite own by them as well. You just need to find a reliable online source and you can get information about the mobile location within minutes. One of the most reputed websites, I know is which offer Geo Localiser Un Portable.

The best part about these websites is that you can also use these services to trace other mobile number as well even if they are not lost and you are only interested to know about their whereabout. In other words, you can track anyone number and find out details about the person whose number belongs to it.

When you lose your phone, you got to calm down and know that now google offers easiest way to find your lost android phone. If your mobile is connected to google account, then it gets easier to track it. This is how it works your phone should be connected to internet google account should be signed in then it will start showing map that where you phone is exactly.

This process can be done through other device or laptop or if you have smart watches connected to your mobile then even that will help to find it fast. The device will show the last location of the phone if the phone is switched off. If you find your phone nearby but you are not able to see it the with the help of google you can make the phone ring. There will be ring option below google map so the google will give ring to your phone in full volume, it turns it on even if phone is in silent mode. Once you get your phone just take it and hit its power switch to stop its ring.

If you phone is having google home option and you have connected your phone to google account then you don’t need laptop to find it, simply give command “Hey Google! Where’s my phone?” this option will make your phone to ring even when phone is in silent mode. If your mobile is nearby then you can’t map or make it ring, there is an option in google to secure your data till you get it back. From map section you will have option as recover my data this has several options from which you can lock the call contact, photos, app locks can be done. There is always option to get your phone back so don’t rush to conclusion that you lost it.

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