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Lola Lis

Lola is a professional wedding planner with years of experience and with a taste for the perfect dress. It all begins with a dress, so it is the main aspect to look and consider.

Let us make your wedding special

Events form recent past

Check out some events that are created with our help. See, the perfect dress here? It is our creation and we can do the same thing for you, every time when you need it.
We are able to work with you and to create a dress that matches your criteria to the highest level possible. The end result must be perfection every single time and it must be the one thing you like and cherish for a long period of time.


All the dresses you will like and want are available for all of you.


Delicious meals with all the foods you can think of.

Wedding cake

Want the most delicious and spectacular cake? We have it.


Are you looking for a ruing to propose or to start a marriage?


Which flowers do you need? We have them as well.


When you want to have a great time with your loved ones.

Wedding dresses of another level

Each dress is created for you and each one is 100% unique. All the elements you want can be implemented in real time.


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Wedding cake
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